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Dream a Part of Life Real Story Part -1

Dream a Part of Life


As the day is ending, the sky is pretty beautiful with full of stars and full moon as ever seen before as time is running away
I am in sleep!!!!
The dream I have never seen before in my life made me memorable.
I’m in America at the end of the sea which is looking wild ever seen before,
The wind is Wreaking havoc. It shows that the life of earth is getting to end.

I am really confused, what is happening.
The world is inverting, my heart is a dump full of the undefined situation …
My family is with me but their faces full of soot. It is the seaport where I am, there is a big ship which look like submarines battalion and where people are getting into the ships. me and my family trying to getting into it but there is no space at all the ship is started , I am not able to stand even . I saw a mini-submarine which fits of only three people with the captain I just jumped looking into the eyes of the captain. He saved me, he just opened an upside glass window to get into it. Now it is filled with three people but my family is in that big ship
The captain said don’t worry you will reach them he explained that the mother earth is sinking as there is no longer earth but after 372 sunrise’s there is land  come to see it is India no chance at every scientist said that as the climatic conditions getting changed under the sea and above the sea the land of India getting into the light everyone’s faces full of smiles, At last, the ships are reached to seashore all getting out form the ships
I am out of mini-submarine, I am looking for my family but they are missing but how is it possible no no no…, it took a long time to build the towns and cities. Finally, it is done after 179 sunrises, but still, I am looking for my family. I am getting emotional the pain inside of my heart is telling me to cry a lot but eyes are full of  tears but no single drop is not getting out of my eye why
I am not able to cry it is really getting me emotionally with the pain…
After 37 sunrise’s one day I am sitting on seashore looking towards it .a A girl with a beautiful smile sit beside me it is attaching me to her with her smile. I knew her she is my classmate. her name is…

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M. Pavankumar
Author: M. Pavankumar