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PUBG Mobile conqueror: Season 13 Tier System

PUBG Mobile conqueror: Season 13 Tier System

PUBG Mobile conqueror: Season 13 Tier System


PUBG Mobile conqueror: Season 13 Tier System

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  • A quick set of tips to help you reach a Conqueror title in PUBG Mobile.
  • Season 13 is underway going to start you can reach conqueror within a week or 2weeks.

Today we discuss the best tips to push for conqueror status in season 13 of PUBG Mobile.


Reach Conqueror in Season 13  Tier:


1.  When We Gonna Start To Push Conqueror

While rank pushing, most of the members can’t decide whether there should push rank at the start of the season or when the season about to end.

It is recommended to start pushing your rank in the first week of this season 13 to the highest tier.

You will find an easier way to reach conqueror in season 13.

PUBG Mobile conqueror: Season 13 Tier System
PUBG Mobile conqueror: Season 13 Tier System

2. Benefits

When you are pushing to the conqueror in season 13, try keeping more advantages in a backpack of ammunition. when there are about 20-30 players alive till the last zone, it becomes very difficult to survive if you didn’t have a hardcover.

In this case, if you 6-7 smoke grenades, they will come in very soon, take a cover-up to the last zone


3. Zone Prediction

The Last updates in PUBG Mobile the zone attraction for all players has become very difficult as the zone trends to move few players are present, so when you’re pushing rank to Conqueror in season 13 players.

Try to stay on the edge of the zone until the fifth zone starts. After trying to find a good compound which you can hold on till the final zone and hit the enemies get a winner chicken dinner.

4. Rush or Survival Gameplay

The player who wants to push their rank for a conqueror in season 13, should try to kill more and more player between 5-6 kills per match until they reach a conqueror. the focus should be on a mix of survival and kill more players to get a perfect KD and tier.

Here if you’re pushing solo or duo, you have to try for survival and kills and the player should be top 5 for every match.


5. Influence of Kills

The influence of kills increases once you reach the crown tier during a rank push, so they try to do get a minimum of 5-6 kills per match up to the ACE tier.


6. Value of Vehicles

In the rank push, having a vehicle is very important as it can help in various situations, can help you travel a long distance, and help you from enemies good hardcover once busted in the final zones.


7. Gun Combination


PUBG Mobile conqueror: Season 13 Tier System

If you guys pushing a rank in solo mode for conqueror tier in season 13, then the best gun combination for you having two AR Guns.

The best combination is an AKM and M416 or else if you can’t find a weapons AR use UZI or Thomson Gun with a combination parallel one AR.

If you’re a pro player use Vehicle directly to rush an enemy or if you’re a noob camp up to the last zone, at final zone use vehicle so enemy difficult to shoot vehicle…


Guys pushing a rank in Duo mode for conqueror tier in season 13, then one player must know Sniper or good DMR like mini14 or SLR or SKS. It helps you to deliver a good initial blow to the enemy team.


In a squad, every player should use guns in which they most like. For instance, if a player is a good sniper, then the first sniper Gun should be given to him. every player a have their roles with a suitable gun.


8. How Many Points Required For Conqueror Rank

PUBG Mobile conqueror: Season 13 Tier System


There is no sperate tier for ACE and conqueror in PUBG Mobile For the Conqueror Title. The title is given to the Top 500 players only.


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