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PUBG Mobile: New Secret Map Leaked in 2020 Year

PUBG Mobile: New Secret Map Leaked in 2020 Year

PUBG Mobile: New Secret Map Leaked in 2020 Year

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If You are a PUBG Mobile Fans saw over video content and share it with your PUBG family.

The Official PUBG Mobile social media youtube channels had newly leaked about a new PUBG version 0.19.0 it’s Extremely 2.0 Erangel. Here check below video PUBG Mobile leak version announce from Powerbang gaming channel he has revealed that map currently.

Present there is no name for a new map for beta version name is called Secret Map

so in the new Secret Map, there is snow on the top right corner, a desert area on below bottom.


PUBG Mobile: New Secret Map

It makes seem as big as Erangel or Miramar though, and the YouTuber implies it could be a 2x2km map.

There has been an important and well-needed update while the building and houses have also been edited. The map also includes the usual vehicles include the motorbike, UAZ, buggy, and so on.

There is also the increase of a new monster truck that can basically drive over almost anything including boulders. There are also some new water physics in the game due to the addition of waterfalls on the map.

Apart from these, there is also a collection of loot crates in different parts of the map that are mostly loaded with a fully kitted gun including a scope, extended mag, and foregrips.

As through this video, there is also the increase of a new shotgun called SPAS 12 which is most likely to proceed with a built-in silencer and a smaller spread, making it lethal for short-range combat.

For more on the new map, check out the video below:



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